Images from Las Vegas: Part Two

Day number two of our stay in Las Vegas brought us to the Neon Boneyard bright and early via the double decker Deuce bus which offers a nice flat fee of $7.00 for 24 hour service from the time of purchase. The museum consists of a wide variety of neon and light bulb signs from vintage Las Vegas hotels, most of which have since been imploded. At the time of this entry the Boneyard only allows public access through scheduled tours but hopes to allow more accessible visits in the future as well as completely rehabbing the signs with the ability to be lit up at night. This however is not a cheap feat so at the current time a donation of $15 is suggested for the tour price.

After our visit to the Boneyard we made our way to a wonderful seafood place called Mickie Finnz located on Freemont Street which we ended up returning to later that evening (pictures of the Freemont Street Experience will be featured in the next post) after we recharged at the hotel and proceeded to do a little more sightseeing along the strip.

The Neon Boneyard Park






Luxor Pyramid with Sphinx and Tower


Luxor Belive Criss Angel

Flubbers im Luxor

Shopps at the Venetian Canal

Fountain near the Wynn

Part One                         Part Three


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