Images from Las Vegas (and Beyond): Part Four

I didn’t know exactly what to title this entry since The Grand Canyon isn’t in Las Vegas however it was part of our Las Vegas trip. I have never seen The Grand Canyon before and what I hear from those who have is that no photo, no matter how well done, simply cannot capture the size and depth of the canyon. I have to say that even though I am fairly pleased with my shots they pale in comparison to what we saw in person.

I will have fond memories of seeing the canyon for the first time however not so much for the incredibly long bus ride it took us to get there. That’s not a knock against the Grand Canyon Tour Company in any way. The bus was clean, our tour guide was extremely pleasant and the lunch buffet certainly hit the spot. There just comes a point where I can no longer sit in one spot anymore and by the time we were headed back to our hotel (the Luxor) I was pretty much ready to never see a bus again. Combine that feeling with the exhaustion felt by making sure we were at our pick up point at 6:15 am at the Excalibur Rotunda next door. Generally, that isn’t obscenely early in my day to day life however when you are vacationing in a “24 hour” town getting to bed at a reasonably early time the night prior is not an easy task. Also, in Vegas, the term “next door” should be used very loosely when referring to distances anywhere on the strip.  Things look far closer than they actually are. Always wear comfortable shoes.

Moving on, let’s admire the beauty of America’s biggest hole, as well as a little bit of our journey getting there.

waiting for the Grand Canyon Tour Bus 2

Mule Ride










Grand Canyon

Girl with the Flubber Tattoo

Hoover Dam

Part Three   Part Five Coming Soon


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