In Memory of Prince: A Chicago Tribute



Chicago remembers Prince

On Thursday, April 21, 2016 it was reported that the legendary music icon known to most as Prince, passed away.

While details surrounding his death are still unclear, Chicagoans of the city’s North Center neighborhood gathered together to reminiscence, commiserate and dance in honor to the late musician’s memory.

It was of little surprise to me that the North Center Square was host to the event. Through the last few years during the holiday season, I noticed a festive illuminated sign in an area apartment window featuring the artist’s iconic symbol along with the text “Merry Princemas.”

In response to the joy brought on by the unique decoration, a group of Prince themed carolers were formed to help spread some fabulous holiday cheer in the neighborhood.

The group, which seemed to largely organize the vigil, were in attendance in full regalia.

Below are a few images I took during the evening’s festivities.


Images: Alex Winston at Schubas in Chicago, IL

In my previous post, I shared images from the Lightfoils show at Schubas on Monday 29th.

In addition to Lightfoils’ performance, the headliner, Alex Winston also put on an captivating show. Winston, who is wrapping up a month long tour with the Neon Trees, is currently promoting her upcoming EP, “The Day I Died“.

Check out the video for her latest single, “Careless“.

Images: Lightfoils at Schubas in Chicago,IL

On Monday, June 29th, the Lightfoils took the stage again after a nearly eight month break. If you are not familiar with Lightfoils,  they are described as having, “hazy soundscapes, ringing guitar, icy synth, feather-light vocals”, essentially they fall into the shoegaze/dreampop category.

You can check out some of their work on Saint Marie Records.

Images from C2E2 2015: Day Three

For the final day of C2E2 I decided to go incognito so that I could focus on checking out art and merchandise as well as give my feet a much needed break from less than comfortable shoes. I don’t have nearly enough wall space for all the art prints I bought but that doesn’t matter (Wall-space be damned!). Even though there wasn’t quite as much cosplay as the previous days there were still some good costumes to be found.

All in all, it was a very fun weekend and I’m pretty bummed its over. I’m hoping to attend Wizard World Chicago in August and am committed to planning events of interests better (Oh Svengoolie! Why did I have to oh so stupidly miss you?!) as well as choosing more durable footwear (my next costume is already in the works!).

Did you attend C2E2? Share your thoughts on the event in the comments!

Images from C2E2 2015: Day Two

While Day One felt like a pretty packed house, it was nothing compared to the activity of Day Two. The floor was absolutly packed to the gills but that didn’t stop folks from bringing their cosplay A-game. I also had the great pleasure of meeting and snagging pics with both Ming Na Wen and Hayley Atwell.

I was however disappointed in myself for missing out on the Svengoolie signing. I’ve been a Svengoolie fan for quite sometime and had really hoped to get a pic with him. However, due to a combination of a dying phone (and therefor lack of a clock) and extremely sore and pulsating feet (due to poor footwear decisions), I missed his allotted autographing time. Since I know in my heart I’m destined to be a great rubber chicken thrower, I hope to someday soon right this wrong and meet the man in person.

Other than unfortunate bad timing, I was treated to a nice variety of cosplay including other takes on Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel! Our friend Emily a.k.a. The Kitchen Tourist also joined us, cosplaying as Agent Carter.

Images: A.D.D., The Streets and Arcane Framework at Subterranean

On Saturday, January 10th, I ventured out into the brave cruel world that is known as Chicago in January. The city had been experiencing sub-zero temperatures earlier in the week and I was not terribly inclined to leave the warm cocoon of my home. However, with the weather having warmed up to a whopping 20 degree heatwave, I made my way out to Subterranean located in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

Performing that evening was A.D.D, The Streets and the band Aracane Framework (Amicus also performed but I did not make it in time for their set.). I had met the vocalist of Aracane Framework earlier in December at my brother in law’s Christmas party and attended the show at his behest.

While I’ve had just about as much as I can take of Chicago’s typically brutal winters, I’m glad I attended.

Images: Wrigley Field Demolition

So I’m not really a baseball fan. In fact the only time I even remotely care about sports in the slightest in during the Olympic games and even then my interest is limited. However, a few months back I took some pictures of the Wrigley Field demolition that is going on for the eventual reconstruction. Though I am not one who has a personal interest in the game, I can appreciate the impact of such a major change occurring to a long existing local landmark. Though from what I understand, some portions of the field will remain in tact and reused.