Images from C2E2 2016

Here are just a few images taken during my time at C2E2. I attended for all three days so my feet felt sufficiently murdered by the end of it all. That being said, C2E2, like last year, was a lot of fun.

This year, I cosplayed as Agent Carter (pretty please get renewed!) and ran into a few other Peggys including one Mr. Carter (as you’ll see below).

iZombie Premiere Recap: “Grumpy Old Liv”

“Grumpy Old Liv” Photo Credit: The CW

Season 2 of iZombie is FINALLY here!

When we last left our heroes and villains, things were in a state of disarray for just about everyone.

After months of hiding the truth from her ex-fiance Major, the truth finally comes out as Blaine points out what’s been in front of Major all along. Things, however, take a turn for the seemingly on top Blaine as Liv injects him with Ravi’s untested cure turning him human. He is, of course, royally pissed as this puts a damper in his gourmet brain business (but shortly thereafter is seen blissfully enjoying non-brain burrito).

Before returning to the land of the living, Blaine mortally wounds Major leaving Liv with only one option other than letting him die and infects him with the zombie virus with the lightest of scratches. Liv later tells Major that they “can be together”. Not in the way they wanted, but it’s what fate dealt them. Major reminds Liv that it wasn’t fate, it was her and her secrets that got them where they are. So Liv decides to give Major the remainder of the zombie cure (without asking!).

Liv’s brother Evan, is unaware of the epic Meat Cute shoot out, and shows up for his first day at work only to blown away by the explosion that zombie Lt. Suzuki sets off while still inside.

Liv rushes to the hospital and when is told by the doctor that her blood type is needed to save her brother’s life, she solemnly replies, “No.”

David Anders returns as Blaine Photo credit: The CW

David Anders returns as Blaine Photo credit: The CW

Season two picks up three months later.

Evan’s managed to survive after having had multiple surgeries and blood donated from another doctor. Liv’s Mom is royally pissed and accuses her of being on drugs. Even Evan tells Liv to “Go away” and “Don’t come back.” So while we can breathe easy that Liv doesn’t have to carry on the weight of her brother’s death on her shoulders, things are less than sunny in the Moore family.

I like the fact the the show didn’t pick up directly where it left off and gave some time to the grief, turmoil and aftermath of the season finale. In life, people don’t get over things super quickly. Since it’s understandable that a show that consists of watching people wallow in misery isn’t exactly must see tv, a time jump is a good way of acknowledging that people need time to forgive, forget and move on.

Clive, while still not aware of the current Seattle zombie population, definitely thinks something is off about Lt. Suzuki’s supposedly heroic death and he has his sights sets on Major. Liv and Major haven’t been on great terms either after her string of secrets and bad decisions but manages to pick up the phone to take heed to Liv’s warning of Clive’s suspicions.

We also learn that with the absence of Peyton, Liv is learning to live with, as she describes, an exceedingly dull new roommate.

iZombie --

iZombie — “Grumpy Old Liv” Pictured (L-R): Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babineaux, Rahul Kohil as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti and Rose McIver as Olivia “Liv” Moore –Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW Network, LLC.

Liv, Clive and Ravi investigate the death of a curmudgeonly semi-racist old man who died after being crushed underneath a car. Of course his brains become Liv’s next meal as we watch her respond to the world around her accordingly. She moans and groans to Clive about a young man’s apparel “His pants are hanging so low they looks like a bra for his ass!”

While I generally enjoy the banter between Clive and Liv,  the awkwardly uncomfortable moment when her old man brain causes her to racially refer to Clive as “one of the good ones”, made me feel that maybe that line might have gone a tad too far, considering Clive is unaware of Liv’s condition. While his “I’m just gonna try and forget you just said that” retort was amusing, in the long term I don’t see how he can keep looking past her behavior. Especially when it takes a somewhat racist turn.  Hopefully his detective skills will help him to start asking the right questions soon so we can move on from the case of the week plot points.

Speaking of plots! Freshly human sophisti-Blaine “consoles” a couple in mourning as owner of the appropriately named, Shady Plots Funerary. “Let’s take this journey together”, he says, with his trademark charismatic smirk.

Liv soon pays him a visit telling him that she needs a vial of Utopium because both him and Major may not be as fully cured as they thought. While that remains to be seen we learn that the cure does have some interesting side effects as we see the hair on Blaine’s neck literally stand on end as Liv enters the room. His zombie sense is tingling!

Blaine enthusiastically enjoys some chocolate, seemingly agrees to make inquiries as he swears he is going legit in his current business ventures and amusingly mocks Liv’s ex-fiance’s name, Somewhere out there, Major Lilywhite, the most presciently named zombie of all time, roams the Earth. Liv is not buying into his sass or his supposedly legit story and retorts, “Oh, and you can save your respectable businessman jiggery-pokery for someone who might buy it.”

Speaking of Major, I find it interesting that he holds very little in the way of animosity toward his roommate considering Ravi has been aiding Liv in her secret. I guess that’s “Bros before hooo….ex-fiances” as Ravi says.

Shortly after Liv’s visit to Shady Plots, we watch as Blaine looks over his freshly delivered Utopium supply, housed in a casket of course, as well as pay a visit to Don E, the late Scott E.’s brother, for information on who cut the supply of Utopium with the zombie virus.

We also learn that Major experiences hair-raising tingling zombie sensations too as he meets up with a client in his personal training business. After-all, Major doesn’t have a great resume after the year he’s had. This seems like a good job for him. Put those abs to use buddy!

Steven Weber is back as Vaughn, the evil face of Max Rager. He now has a red headed femme fatale named Gilda, aiding him in his dastardly purposes as they blackmail Major into becoming their personal zombie slayer using a recording of his conversation with Liv, completely outing him as the Meat Cute assassin.

Oh, and how did Vaughn obtain access to Liv’s private phone conversations you ask? Liv’s new “boring” roommate is none other than Vaughn’s villainous partner in crime, Gilda.


Overall verdict on this episode?

“Grumpy Old Liv” was a solid opener.

By allowing the passage of time we are able to see a change in some of our characters while also seeing where they are likely headed next. While I enjoyed the guest spot of Adam Rose as the accidental murderer, I think allowing Clive to be in on the big secret, rather than just around for the case of the week, might make for more interesting scenarios. Let’s hope we get there by mid-season. There’s only so many personality shifts Liv can have around him before he’s had enough.

Also, this episode only feeds into my obsession with David Anders and his ability to chew scenery like nobodies business. He just oozes charisma and I hope to see more interaction with him along with Liv and her group.

Also, Peyton, come home!

Looking forward to next week!

Enjoy the goodness!

Trailers! Trailers! Trailers! (My top trailers of the moment)

I love watching movie trailers. I often find myself going to Apple trailers and just clicking through anything that sounds even remotely interesting (and somethings that don’t) as I sit there for potentially unhealthy amounts of time. The last month has been an exceptionally great time for trailers (in my humble opinion) and I can only hope the feature lengths can keep up the same sense of awe, humor, terror and/or excitement their bite sized counterparts do.

So without further ado, grab some popcorn and feast your eyeballs (not ON your eyeballs. Ewwww)…

Crimson Peak in which Guliiermo Del Toro gives us a Goth Tom Hiddleston.

What We Do in the Shadows in which vampires live together and hilarity (and awkwardness) ensue.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron (TV Spot #2) in which everything is truly awesome.

Barely Lethal in which “Sansa Stark” FINALLY gets to kick some ass.

Mad Max: Fury Road in which we witness a violent desert ballet and Charlize Theron continues to amaze.

Any trailers got you pumped? Post a link in the comments!

Music Review: The Pretty Reckless’ Hit Me Like A Man EP

Hit Me Like A Man EP

Hit Me Like A Man is the second EP released by The Pretty Reckless, their first EP previed tracks from their full-length Light Me Up.

This EP starts off with a live rendition of the band’s first ever released single Make Me Wanna DieThe Pretty Reckless seems to pride themselves on being a tight live band, which they very well should. It’s obvious that they take what they do seriously while still keeping things fun. They are exciting, energetic and most importantly very solid players. The current lineup consists of Momsen, of course, with her raspy vocals paired with Ben Phillips focused yet emotional guitar licks, on top of Mark Damon’s bass and Jamie Perkin’s drums.  While this is a solid example of their live work it seemed slightly odd that this would be the opening track for the EP when perhaps a new track would have made for a more interesting opener.

The title track makes it’s entrance as song number two with crunching full guitars and a nice smooth bass creating a blend of 90’s grunge with a bit of blues. Momsen begins the song with a breathy croon but quickly builds up to her usual raspy seductive scream as she approaches the chorus with lyrics that likely have a few hard core feminists wincing, “Hit me like a man and love me like a woman.”

Up next we have the slow and ethereal Under the Water. “Lay my head under the water, lay my head under the sea,” Momsen begins as she displays the true solidness of her vocals skills pulling off a style of soulful rock n’ roll that is not only uncommon for someone in her age group but in modern mainstream music in general. Though this song starts off simply enough with an acoustic guitar and soft vocals it quickly turns intensely dramatic.

Following in at track number four we have another live rendition, this time of another track off their full length, Since You’re Gone. Once again this is a solid example of their skill level and live exuberance however after hearing the bluesy and emotional turn they’ve taken with the new tracks it seems slightly out of place in this playlist.

Up next is the slow and sexy blues infused Cold Blooded that quickly brings to mind any scene in any movie where a sexy woman slowly enters a bar as the barflies attempt to figure out what just wandered into their dark and dingy world. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact this song is the perfect example of TPR’s ability to create a dramatic mental picture with their music. Perhaps this song would be well suited in an episode of True Blood.

Aww Taylor… if that shirt was black you all would only have to do one load of laundry!

As I mentioned in my previous review of their performance from a stop on the Hey Cruel World Tour, The Pretty Reckless certainly have the talent but may have a rough time breaking through the too cynical music critics who feel that TPR just don’t have the street cred to earn their respect due to Momsen’s acting resume. Well, if the too cool for the room crowd can’t find the fun then I guess that’s their loss.

Overall, I give this EP 4 out of 5 ducks. The addition of the live tracks simply takes away from the mood of the newer tracks. Perhaps it would have gotten a full 5 duck rating had Since You’re Gone been replaced by either a something from Light Me Up that was more in theme with the new material or if an additional new track was added in it’s place.

4 out of 5 ducks

Hit Me Like A Man is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Till next time folks,


Music Review: The Pretty Reckless & Marilyn Manson Live at The Rave/Eagles Ballroom

The Pretty Reckless, lead by vocalist Taylor Momsen, rolled into Milwaukee, WI this Saturday as the opening act on Marilyn Manson‘s Hey Cruel World Tour at The Rave/Eagles Ballroom.  Momsen, known also from her various acting roles, took to the stage with the swagger of a modern style Cherie Curie strutting onstage in black vinyl and fishnets while her Rupunzel-esque locks floated around her.

The band kicked off their set with the blues infused Hit Me Like A Man, off their new EP of the same name. Though The Pretty Reckless isn’t usually associated with being as heavy or dark as Manson, the crowd seemed to contain a fair amount of supporters for the group as well as some newly converted fans as their performance went on.

The Pretty Reckless live at The Rave in Milwaukee

Momsen’s soulful husky voice resonated throughout the ballroom grabbing concert goers attention while her enthusiastic and vixenish stage presence certainly held it. Lead guitarist Ben Phillips chimed in on vocals during another new track, the slow and sultry Cold Blooded along with the bands first single Make Me Wanna Die, while showing impressive technical skills with his tightly focused solos. Miss Nothing, Just Tonight and the moody yet intense Zombie were also received with positive crowd reaction. The band also performed My Medicine who’s video, which Momsen made sure to mention, features adult film star Jenna Haze.

The Pretty Reckless put on a strong, solid and energetic set but ultimately may have their work cut out for them. It may prove a somewhat difficult task to break through the more cynical music fans that have difficulty accepting Momsen doing something outside of her acting resume.

Marilyn Manson took to the stage later that evening to a roaring crowd opening with Hey, Cruel World, a track from their latest album Born Villain. Having attended a plethora of Manson shows in the past it seems that indoor venues generally lend itself to the vibe that the band is going for and this performance only reinforced that opinion. It also didn’t hurt matters that Manson himself seemed to be more in performing spirits than  on the previous tours promoting the underrated Eat Me Drink Me and High End of Low albums of which no songs were performed.

Despite the exclusion of those two albums, Manson chose a wide variety of tracks from their extensive catalog.  Early favorites like Sweet Dreams, Tourniquet, Irresponsible Hate Anthem were met with wild enthusiasm with Manson bringing back his classic podium bible ripping performance for Antichrist Superstar. This time around, Manson himself was much more into partaking in playful onstage banter giving the audience valuable advice like,”Don’t get caught (smoking pot I assume), don’t get pregnant and don’t end up on my tour bus”.

Manson returns to vintage form during a performance of Antichrist Superstar

Overall, this performance had much more energy than I’ve seen in Marilyn Manson for some time and perhaps Manson himself has gotten out of his self described “low place” and is able to enjoy performing on a different level again.

Till next time folks


P.S. Wasn’t able to get the professional camera in but upon viewing the few shots I DID get with my pocket camera I realized how the concert going experience has certainly changed with the addition of the sea of mini glowing LCD screens. I’m curious, and feel free to sound off in the comment section, is excessive picture taking a normal part of today’s concerts or is it a new annoying trend? Let me know your thoughts.

A tale of two finales: Gossip Girl and Once Upon A Time


So I watch a lot of television. Way too much television. I often say that I could lead a pretty productive and much more financially successful life if I could just step away from the tv. There’s a lot of discussion in my household as to what sort of tv set up would be right for us. To cable or not to cable? That is the first world question.

Currently we have basic Xfinity sans DVR with HBO (cannot skimp out on True Blood) and have added Hulu Plus and Netflix via our WII.  We watch a lot of shows the day after they air since that is when Hulu carries them which is fine as there is always a list of shows in constant rotation so there is rarely a time where we have nothing to watch.

So last night I actually watched Gossip Girl‘s Season Finale while it was airing with no fast forward commercials or pausing. Something told me just to get it out of the way. Now, before I go into detail about this, Gossip Girl isn’t my typical obsession. I generally gravitate toward things of the fantasy, horror or comedy persuasion. However, the show debuted during a time when I lived without a roommate or cable and I got myself oddly hooked into the overly dramatic, often self induced woes of the well groomed upper east side.

Gossip Girl

So fans of this show know that there is a strong divide in terms of what relationships to root for. Most recently, there are those that worship Chair (Chuck + Blair) and those, a smaller group which I include myself in (though worship is a tad strong) that root for Dair (Dan + Blair). To put it quite simply, this finale made me want to take my tv and drop kick it out my living room window. Not since the series finale of The L Word have I looked at my tv in such disappointment. I wish I could say, fortunately, GG’s episode was only a season finale and not a series ender but I have little hope they are creative enough to dig themselves out of the messy hole they put their characters (and these poor actors) into next season. Stephanie Savage and Co. is probably patting herself on the back for a job well done not realizing they’ve taken all character logic in regards to growth and basically put it in a blender. Granted it was probably one of those really nice Kitchen Aid Blenders.

“Dan, you have my heart…but only till the end of this episode.”

Now, I’m not bitter because Team Dair came to an end. I’m bitter because I really enjoy the fantasy of storytelling. I want to believe that the things I’m watching were well thought out, put on to paper and screen with full on intention and purpose. However, I believe I may have been watching a show that was put together by the rejected gods of mischief drunk on their own sense power. For a good while I rooted for Blair and looked forward to every moment of growth the writers inserted to balance out her more often ridiculous and embarrassing Michael Scott-ish like behavior. It seemed, for a time, like they were foreshadowing with purpose but I think their goal is just to write a show where maximum damage is the main priority. Not good writing, not character development and certainly not plot. It’s gotten to the point where nothing anyone says should be taken remotely seriously because 9 time out 10 they will do a complete 180 by the episode’s end.

First Blair loves Nate, then Chuck, then hates Chuck, then loves him, then love-hates him, dates and marries Prince, still loves Chuck, then loves him but is not in-love with him, loves Dan because he holds her heart but was just in denial along because she truly loves Chuck.  No offense against actress Leighton Meester (I think she is quite talented actually) but Blair Waldorf has become the most ridiculous character by far on this show. I kept hoping the writers were working toward a new level of maturity with her but I guess I was fooled.

I’m sure Blair will continue to make horrible faux feminist decisions next season. Sorry, but taking over a company that your mother worked to create after dropping out of school, working an internship for 5 mins, marrying, cheating on and divorcing a Prince and going back and forth on a clearly abusive relationship after leaving one based on respect (mostly from his end) and intellect hardly constitutes as “building a name for yourself”. Oh and she also had a miscarriage that seemed like it bothered her for nearly two seconds which is probably a stretch of a statement itself. I will probably continue to follow this show next season for reasons I can’t understand myself. I think I suffer from tv masochism.

Dan and Georgina leave town in search for a better plotline. Good luck kids. We hope you find it.

Moving on to a finale that actually got something right. ABC’s Once Upon A Time (watched via Hulu Plus) hit the mark on what a good season finale can be.  Granted this show is still on it’s first season so typically that’s where shows are at a point where there is still a lot of story to tell. Overall I enjoyed this show but waited to start watching it about halfway through the season because  it seemed like the type of show I would dig but would likely get cancelled ala another ABC show, V.

Once Upon A Time

Now, if you consider yourself to be a truly cynical person this show is not the one for you. It’s contains  occassional dialogue along the lines of, “Love is the strongest magic and can break any curse” and lot’s of other similar sentiments. Apparently, “true loves’ kiss” can cure anything! I wonder if that will cure the migraine I got from writing about the Gossip Girl finale. Despite the helping of cheese that comes with this show it somehow works amazingly well. It takes its time telling it’s stories. It  focuses on character development consistently along with a spot on level of pacing which is quite a feat when carrying such a large cast that faces the task of playing dual roles, the original fairy-tale characters and their real world alter-egos.

Once Upon a Time certainly takes it’s liberties with its plot, picking and choosing elements from the traditional Grimm Fairy-tales  along with the more well known Disney-esque versions. Often though the show will do away with either element and create their own delicious twists. As long as you are not a hard-core purist of either, you should be able to find the fun in Once Upon a Time’s storytelling.  Robert Carlyle, is clearly the breakout character(s) as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold. He his one of those shades of grey type characters that you hope will find his way to being the good hearted soul you know he can be (as long as he doesn’t do Chuck Bass style flip-flopping for 5 seasons). Even when the writers deal with the wicked Queen herself (played by Lana Parilla) we get to see a nice well written layer as to how evil became a part of her existence.

Rumpelstiltskin. Creepy? Hot? A little of column A and a little of column B.

In the finale the writers give the viewers just enough of what they’ve been waiting for while still keeping enough unveiled so that we will return for the recently announced Season 2. Throughout this season the major goal was to see the spell set forth by Regina/Evil Queen become broken.  The spell in terms of plot has two big elements to it. The first being that memories of all affected had been erased as well as the fact that everyone has been displaced out of their fairy-tale world into the real one. In order to break the spell, Emma (Snow White and Prince Charming’s adult daughter) needed to believe in magic. Throughout the season we watched her biological son Henry (currently raised by the evil Queen) try with all his might to convince her. Through taking a metaphoric bullet for her (via eating magically poison apple turnovers) she was able to believe and we watched with glee as Emma partook in a sword fighting battle with the dragon Maleficent to break the cure free from inside the beast. Sadly, she was too late and little Henry flat-lined allowing us to see a vulnerable Regina as well. But alas! Do not forget that true love’s kiss cures all and little Henry is awakened along with all the memories of the townspeople as Emma verbalizes her feelings for Henry.

True Love’s Kiss. Works every time.

Evil Queen Regina retreats to her mansion after a quick tearful moment of swearing to Henry that she always really loved him. Rumplestiskin, then has a sweet moment with his love, Belle (ala Beauty and the Beast, for you see, he IS the beast) just before releasing his true love potion which releases an ominous cloud of purple smoke that begins to roll over and cloak the entire town as Regina grins from Henry’s bedroom window.

THAT is how you create  a cliffhanger. Are the fairytale characters returning to their home? Or is magic being brought to StoryBrooke? Will Regina have full power there? Will everything be as they left it? Will both old and new memories remain? The only way this show can go downhill is if Prince Charming starts sleeping with all the Princess’ and  little Henry becomes an evil war lord.

Rumplestiltskin and Belle. Less talking. More kissing. Now.

My advice (because I’m sure ABC and the CW really wants it) is to keep everyone from sleeping together and don’t pull a Ross & Rachel with any of the love interests because that can only go on for so long before we just stop caring. On a similar note, if you want to have a character seeking redemption then by all means redeem them, but if you have them revert to thier former ways over and over (pay attention Chuck Bass), by the time you reach your endgame we just won’t care.

What did you think about either of the finales? Good? Bad? Happy? Sad?

Sound off in the comment section below with your thoughts.

Till next time folks,


Five awesome things about The Avengers movie

Avengers Assemble!

Rather than try and do a standard review of the film which I’m sure the internet already has no shortage of, I figured I’d write a brief list of five things both physically in the movie as well as  things surrounding the movie, that I thought, were particularly awesome.

They are as follows:

1. Joss Whedon will finally get the recognition (and power) he deserves. 

I have been a longtime passionate follower of Mr. Whedon mainly due to a little vampire slayer by the name of Buffy Summers. Buffy The Vampire Slayer has been and will likely always be my favorite television show of all time.  Buffy aside, Joss’ body of work includes such awesomeness as Angel (the Buffy spin-off), the short lived but nevertheless amazing  sci-fi western Firefly, the other short-lived but still compelling Dollhouse as well the hilarious and intelligent Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. He has also done fantastic work in the comic book world writing for X-Men as well as the Buffy and Angel comics. Though, his best comic book work in my eyes, is his tale centering around the vampire slayer of the future, Fray.

I was filled with excitement then horrible disappointment a few years back when it was reported that Joss would helm the long overdue Wonder Woman feature film followed by the news not long after that the project was canned. However, since Mr. Whedon has now made at the time of this post, $1 billion worldwide with the Avengers, perhaps he will finally get the recognition he deserves. Hopefully, with that recognition comes the power to make his passion projects come to fruition. Here’s hoping the Wonder Woman story will again have a shot at making it’s way to the big screen with Whedon at the helm. I still hold out hope that futuristic vampire slayer, Fray will have a shot at the big screen. Though it still feels somewhat unlikely, the chances are much higher now than they were pre-Avengers. Whatever happens next I’m glad to see that Joss has more opportunities opening up for him. Good luck to you good sir!

Fray and Buffy have a light-hearted girls night out.

2. Black Widow kicks unquestionable ass.

Scarlet Johansson’s portrayal of the Black Widow was such a welcoming addition. What I loved about this character is that I do not recall any of the male Avenger’s calling into question her participation based on her gender. Even Captain America who came from a very chauvinistic era fought along side her without hesitation. Millionaire “playboy” Tony Stark never made any such “just a girl” comments. Demi-god Thor didn’t  raise an eyebrow either. This right here was a major step in the right direction. She’s a female. That’s clearly obvious when you look at her. There are bigger issues at hand in this story line to waste time focusing on the fact that there is a girl in the room.

Throughout this film she clearly more than holds her own. She is truly an Avenger as much as the others and plays a very pivotal role in the films resolution.  It has also been announced that her own feature film is in the works. If only the marketing department would acknowledge this in terms of merchandise this whole aspect would be perfect. In my search for Black Widow merch I was left with slim pickings including Black Widow perfume. Really. Black Widow perfume. Granted the guys do have colognes (who wants to smell like a sexy Hulk?) but they do get their likenesses stamped upon numerous items such as action figures, posters, puzzles, party decor and those adorable little Mighty Muggs, but alas, Black Widow is barely seen.  Try harder, marketing, try harder.

Black Widow, oh where oh where can you be???

3. I actually gave a crap about Captain America and The Hulk.

Alright fan-boys and girls, don’t hate me, but I just never cared about these guys.  Growing up I collected Supergirl, Batgirl, Dazzler, Black Canary,The Huntress and even She-Hulk. My brother took on the role of super mega ultra comic book collector (I know cause I had to help move his collection into storage) and had quite a plethora of  issues containing these characters and others that as a little girl, I just couldn’t bring myself to find anything interesting about them. I couldn’t get over the cheesiness of Captain America’s costume and the Hulk was just this giant rage monster that held nothing relatable for me at that age. I held those feelings as I grew up and never thought to look back on them with adult eyes.

The Avenger’s movie made me like these characters. I mean, REALLY like them. I rooted for them, laughed at their jokes and am now more curious to explore their story lines more closely.


4. It reignited my love for action movies.

I kind of want to watch stuff blow up. I want see asses kicked among a sea of explosions while giant creatures search and destroy followed by sassy comments from both heroes and villains. C’mon summer blockbusters, show me what you got!


5. It’s  not a Spiderman reboot.

Why do we need this? Spiderman 3 came out in 2007. Don’t get me wrong, I love Emma Stone in almost anything and have nothing against Spidey in general but c’mon Hollywood, try harder… and give me my damn Wonder Woman movie.

Are you serious? I JUST did this. C’mon!

Also, on a very un-girl-power-like note. I heart Hawkeye.

Oh yeah.

The End.

Update December 2013: I have since the writing of this article developed a deep appreciation for Tom Hiddleston and his work as Loki. Spend some time on Tumblr to get yourself sufficiently acquainted.  Your welcome.

Till next time folks,


Feel free to mention what you thought was awesome (or not awesome) in the comment section below.