Images from C2E2 2016

Here are just a few images taken during my time at C2E2. I attended for all three days so my feet felt sufficiently murdered by the end of it all. That being said, C2E2, like last year, was a lot of fun.

This year, I cosplayed as Agent Carter (pretty please get renewed!) and ran into a few other Peggys including one Mr. Carter (as you’ll see below).

Review: Supergirl Television Premiere

Supergirl Photo: CBS

Supergirl. Photo Credit: CBS

When I first saw the trailer for CBS’ Supergirl, I, like many others, couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the similarities it shared with SNL’s Black Widow Rom-Com Parody sketch. Despite this, I still had high hopes for the show.

First off, when I was a wee little youngin’, I spent a LOT of time reading Supergirl comics. That is until DC killed her off. Something I’m still angry at my brother for since he was the messenger of this heartbreaking news. Second, being that Captain Marvel keeps getting pushed back and Wonder Woman still seems quite awhile away, the idea of seeing an iconic super-powered woman on the small screen was exciting (I’ll be watching you too, Jessica Jones!).

I’m happy to say that after watching the pilot, I’m pretty pleased with the overall result. There are, however, a few aspects I could have done without.

Image from Supergirl Pilot. Photo Credit: CBS

Image from Supergirl Pilot. Photo Credit: CBS

The good:

Supergirl was fun!

Don’t get me wrong. Generally, I like my moody-broody-angst-ridden heroes who walk the dangerous line between darkness and light as they navigate the painful internal struggle of right vs. wrong! Supergirl, though, was very much in line with the reasons why my childhood self first gravitated towards the comics.  Kara was enthusiastic, longing to embrace her abilities and share the excitement with those nearest and dearest to her. She didn’t waste time letting friends, both old and new, in on her secret and beamed with joy as she finally got to flex her superhero muscles. Even when the battle was hard, she rose to the occasion quickly and with gusto, doubting herself only for a brief moment.

Supergirl‘s support system consists of adoptive big sister Alex, pining co-worker Winn and the sexy new incarnation of Jimmy James Olsen. The original Supergirl, Helen Slater and former Superman Dean Cain are also perfectly nostalgically cast as Kara’s adoptive parents. The opening episode also quickly establishes that Supergirl will have her own various rouges gallery to face in the coming weeks including a big bad that is sure to hit close to home.

The bad:

While I have nothing against Calista Flockhart as an actor, much of the dialogue out of Kara’s Devil Wears Prada-esque boss Cat Grant was a bit cringe-worthy. For example, I did not need the psuedo feminist rant on why the term “girl” is empowering.

At Kara’s expressed dislike for the term, Grant responds, “What do you think is so bad about “girl?” I’m a girl, and your boss, and powerful, and rich, and hot, and smart. So if you perceive “Supergirl” as anything less than excellent, isn’t the real problem you?”

Um, no. It isn’t.

I have absolutely zero problems with the show being called Supergirl. That is, after-all, how the character has been referred to since 1959. While I do think the problem with the term “girl” is anchored to idea of maturity more than gender, the show really didn’t need to defend its title so much. If Grant had said, “‘Girl’ has more pep! It pops! Easier to use in a hastag!”, I would have thought that much more believable rather than a sophisticated adult business woman launching into a diatribe referring to herself as a girl.

I also couldn’t help but sigh when co-worker Winn Schott reinforces the tired old She’s-All-That trope as he comments how pretty Kara is without her glasses. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying that one person can’t compliment the appearance of another. Not at all. I’d just like to see the “glasses as beauty’s camouflage” idea in regards to women, fade away.

Being that this was the pilot, I expect the show to have a few growing pains, but overall, I think Supergirl is off to a strong, fun and exciting start.

Up Up and Away!

Up Up and Away!

Images from Wizard World Chicago 2015

Hello again!

Last month I had the pleasure of attending Wizard World Chicago 2015. A great time was had overall (except for the jerk that triggered the alarm at the Hyatt causing an evacuation.)

As usual there were lots of great cosplays to be seen. If you see yourself in one of these images and would like to be named/tagged/referenced, please share your name in the comment section and I’ll be sure to update the image title. Also, if anyone out there has photo recaps of their own, please leave a link to it the comment section as well.

While I did take quite a few photos of other peoples cosplay, I didn’t get many of myself in my Loki costume. Since a few folks did stop and ask to take my picture, I’d appreciate a link to shots that may have been posted.

Here are a few photos I took throughout the weekend.


Looking for female superhero merch? Here’s a helpful list!

WeLoveFine's Age of Fashion Clothing line for women.

WeLoveFine’s Age of Fashion Clothing line for women available at 

It’s clear to anyone who follows this blog that I’m a huge fan of Marvel, both the films and of course, the comics. There is however, one major problem I have with the unfortunate direction Marvel continually seems to go towards in regards to both their films and merchandising.

Before I get into that, I would like to first acknowledge the wonderful job Marvel has done with its comics, showcasing some wonderfully well-written female-lead titles such as Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Elektra, Storm, Angela, A- Force and Spider-Gwen. My criticism is rooted mostly in an unfortunate trend happening with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its merchandising.

While I do believe that the MCU does include some very intelligent, strong and complex female characters, the problem lies in the fact that they, and their fans are often underrepresented. Plot points aside, what I’m getting at is the lack of availability and promotion that has been given to both their female characters as well as their female fanbase.

Upon a few of my recent trips to Target Stores, I have ended up leaving the store rolling my eyes because the toy aisle, despite its huge Age of Ultron banners and end cap displays, have repeatedly failed to include both images and toys of Black Widow or Scarlet Witch. Yes, Hawkeye isn’t always on everything but I think it’s safe to say he’s most certainly included on far more.  A similar story can be said for Gamora’s representation when Guardians of the Galaxy was being heavily promoted. We can have a raccoon and a tree, but apparently, not a woman.

On a similar note, I recently visited several stores in search of girl superhero onesies for a baby shower that I was attending. While I found a plethora of options in the little boys section, the girls’ section was a veritable wasteland and was instead filled with princess after princess. It’s a similar story when comparing the t-shirt offerings in the men and women’s departments (thankfully though, there are far less princess items in this situation). While I have found, on rare occasions, a few in-store items from time to time, it certainly hasn’t been easy and the pickings have most certainly been slim.

All hope is not lost though!

HerUnivese and Hottopic's Marvel fashion line.

HerUnivese and Hottopic’s Marvel fashion line.

I’ve decided to compile a list some great websites and companies where female fans and fans of female heroes can actually feel overwhelmed rather than underwhelmed with their choices:

1. Her Universe – As per their website bio, “Her Universe is the vision of Ashley Eckstein, actress and voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Araca Group, a leading theatrical and brand management company. Founded by Eckstein in 2009, Ashley and Araca created Her Universe with the mission to create stylish, fashion-forward merchandise for female sci-fi (and comic) fans. Her Universe is a place for fangirls to step into the spotlight and be heard, recognized and rewarded. ”

2. WeLoveFine – WeLoveFine is another website that while selling merch featuring male heroes and men’s fit apparel, also has an amazing selection of female hero merch and merch made to fit females.  Be sure to check out the amazing dresses!

3. Hottopic – Mall staple Hottopic has certainly upped their game over the last year to offer up some great items including a limited edition clothing line teaming up with HerUniverse focusing on the Avengers and Loki. Sadly though, those items look to be nearing the end of their stock (due to the immense popularity) but Hottopic has also featured a healthy amount of tshirts in women’s fit that include Black Widow.

4. Funko Pop – While the options are severely limited when it comes to the official Hasbro action figures, FunkoPop offers plenty of female character options including Gamora, Thor’s Lady Sif, Nebula, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, two versions of Black Widow, and more!

5. TeeFury – TeeFury has been a major player in the shrinking of my wallet. While they originally started with an ever changing daily tee option, they have since expanded greatly to offer a wide variety of female characters and always with a women’s fit option. I have them to thank for my many Agent Carter t-shirts as well as a few Black Widow and Spider Gwen ones as well.

Additionally, I’m happy to see that DC is focusing on a line of products on young versions of their heroines with DC Superhero Girls which is features the “unprecedented Initiative to Include Digital Content, TV Specials, Made-For-Videos, Publishing, Toys, Apparel and Other Products”.

If you know of any other inclusive sources for geek female centered merch, please leave a link in the comments!

Let's hope Marvel fixes this soon....or else. ;)

Fix this soon….or else. 😉

Till next time folks!

Images from C2E2 2015: Day Three

For the final day of C2E2 I decided to go incognito so that I could focus on checking out art and merchandise as well as give my feet a much needed break from less than comfortable shoes. I don’t have nearly enough wall space for all the art prints I bought but that doesn’t matter (Wall-space be damned!). Even though there wasn’t quite as much cosplay as the previous days there were still some good costumes to be found.

All in all, it was a very fun weekend and I’m pretty bummed its over. I’m hoping to attend Wizard World Chicago in August and am committed to planning events of interests better (Oh Svengoolie! Why did I have to oh so stupidly miss you?!) as well as choosing more durable footwear (my next costume is already in the works!).

Did you attend C2E2? Share your thoughts on the event in the comments!

Images from C2E2 2015: Day Two

While Day One felt like a pretty packed house, it was nothing compared to the activity of Day Two. The floor was absolutly packed to the gills but that didn’t stop folks from bringing their cosplay A-game. I also had the great pleasure of meeting and snagging pics with both Ming Na Wen and Hayley Atwell.

I was however disappointed in myself for missing out on the Svengoolie signing. I’ve been a Svengoolie fan for quite sometime and had really hoped to get a pic with him. However, due to a combination of a dying phone (and therefor lack of a clock) and extremely sore and pulsating feet (due to poor footwear decisions), I missed his allotted autographing time. Since I know in my heart I’m destined to be a great rubber chicken thrower, I hope to someday soon right this wrong and meet the man in person.

Other than unfortunate bad timing, I was treated to a nice variety of cosplay including other takes on Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel! Our friend Emily a.k.a. The Kitchen Tourist also joined us, cosplaying as Agent Carter.

Images from C2E2 2015: Day One

These are images from the first day of C2E2 2015. It was a fun time with lots of great costumes. I cosplayed as one of my new favorite characters Kamala Khan a.k.a.the new Ms. Marvel and my husband decided to cosplay as Starlord. We saw a good amount of Starlords but no other Kamala Khans on Friday, though that changed on Saturday. More pics from Days 2 and 3 to be uploaded soon!