Images from Las Vegas: Part One

So last week the hubby and I took a 5 night trip to Las Vegas for the very first time. When we mentioned this to friends and colleagues we were surprised to find that such a large amount of them had not only been there but have gone multiple times. We wondered what it was about Vegas that made people repeatedly come back. Why would you re-visit the same place when there are so many vacation options across the globe? What was so intriguing that created the need to return to the city of neon lights? I’ll expand on that thought over the course of the next image heavy posts which will each chronicle a day from our trip.

This first batch covers our flight which is the part of the trip I dreaded most because I am not nor have I ever been a calm flyer. Remember the Twilight Zone (movie or episode) where the guy (William Shatner or John Lithgow) sees a monster on the wing and freaks out? Well, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. If the nutshell was flying at 35,000 feet while being pressurized resulting in a head imploding like sensation for several hours. Simply put, flying has always felt too unnatural and uncomfortable to be so routinely done by so many people. I am always frustrated by the calmness and ease of the other passengers while I panic at the slightest sound or tiniest flicker of light.

Usually our conversations go something like this:


Hubby: “That’s the landing gear. We need that to live.”

Me: “Shut Up.”

As you might have guessed based on the sole fact that you are reading this, we landed safely. In my few moments of bravery I did manage to snap a few pictures out the window. This was actually rather helpful, for a few moments anyway, in letting myself out of the moment and existing behind the lens. That and well, Flubbers make any situation better.

Once we landed we took a shuttle bus for $6 each to our hotel, which was the Luxor, and checked in. We originally booked the Deluxe Pyramid Room, though after doing some research it was commonly recommended that a room in the Tower section was the way to go due to the recent renovations. So we politely asked if any complimentary upgrades were available and to our pleasure an upgrade to the tower was given to us at no extra charge. I believe that at most hotels  if a slight upgrade is available that usually one will be given.

Being the party animals that we are, we gobbled down some food and  promptly took a nap. Then we woke up around  7:00pm as the sun was just starting to dim and within the next hour Vegas began to light up. So we pulled ourselves together and ventured out into the neon landscape.

From the plane

From the plane

McCarran Airport

View from room at Luxor

New York New York Skyline
Siren in the Sea



Skull Rock

Part Two