Images: Wrigley Field Demolition

So I’m not really a baseball fan. In fact the only time I even remotely care about sports in the slightest in during the Olympic games and even then my interest is limited. However, a few months back I took some pictures of the Wrigley Field demolition that is going on for the eventual reconstruction. Though I am not one who has a personal interest in the game, I can appreciate the impact of such a major change occurring to a long existing local landmark. Though from what I understand, some portions of the field will remain in tact and reused.

Images from a Chicago Architecture Walk

These images were taken during a brief architecture walk I took during my attendance at Wordcamp Chicago this year. Now, I’ll be honest. I was tired and hungry so I didn’t really pay attention to the names of the buildings that I took pictures of or inside, other than the Harold Washington Library.  Anyhoo, I just wanted to update the blog with some pictures since it’s been quite some time since I’ve done so.

In other news I am uncontrollably excited about the new season of True Blood tonight. Even when I haven’t loved the direction the writers chose for some of the characters, I’ve still enjoyed this show. Sad to see it’s now the final season but I’m looking forward to what this season has in store. For the last few years it doesn’t feel like it’s officially summer till True Blood begins. I’m considering posting recaps/reviews of this final season but we’ll see if I can focus enough to do so.

Anyhoo, enjoy the pics!

Long Grove Art & Wine Festival – 2012

This set of images is from our visit to Long Grove during their Art & Wine festival from last August. I’ve been a little behind on posting images so hopefully soon I can get back to a steady rhythm of updates. There was plenty of art but not so much wine. That may have been due to the fact that we arrived very early in the morning  shortly after the fest’s opening.

Anyhoo, I felt the urge to shoot everything in black and white, until a couple of pink chairs popped up. A few of the buildings seemed to have gone out of business, including the AppleHaus which was usually packed to the brim every-time I visited. Luckily, the AppleHaus pies were still available in the Long Grove Confectionery.










Chicago Botanic Gardens Fall 2011

Recently, the hubby and I made it a point to visit the Chicago Botanic Gardens during the month of October to take advantage of the wonderful yet fleeting Fall colors. Living in Chicago it often feels like fall is barely a season considering it’s key characteristic, the colorful leaves, don’t last as long as say the barren leafless trees of winter.

Since our personal schedules don’t allow for us to get into too many daytime weekday activities we ended up visiting the gardens on a Sunday morning. This proved to make my photography attempts a little trickier than our previous weekday visits as the place was the most crowded that I have ever seen.  People young and old  came out in droves so large you’d swear it was half price day at a Six Flags Theme Park.  I usually like to capture lots of scenic shots that are void of people however it was nearly impossible to do so though I managed to get a few.  So my advice to fall enthusiasts is to try your best to visit the gardens, or any similar type place,  during the weekdays as the draw of the colorful leaves itself will cause for a large boost in visitors alone.

I hope to make more stops to capture the gardens in the Winter and Spring but for now here are my picks from our Fall visit and as always the link to the full set is posted at the end. Also, keep an eye open here during the winter months not only for shots of the gardens but from our upcoming trip to the Starved Rock State Park Lodge.







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